Past Projects

3 Teachers at Abura Literacy School

 An extremely hardworking, past volunteer built a new school for the children so they no longer endure the hot, Ghanaian sun during class. We have since hired three teachers to staff each class. School days that were once chaotic and disorganized are now calm and structured. We were able to see the change on a recent trip to Ghana and the change really is tremendous. Classes take place according to a set-schedule and the children are enthusiastic to learn. Grades have improved considerably and rates of children retaking grades have dropped. 

Computer Center at New Life International Children’s Home and School

Thanks to the wonderful support of Computer Aid we have established a computer center at New Life. Many things have changed at New Life due to the efforts of many volunteers, organizations, and the New Life staff that have made establishing the computer center possible. Every class now has a teacher at New Life and there is even a teacher employed specifically for a new course mandated by the Ghanaian government, Information and Computer Technology. Proficient knowledge of a computer is becoming essential to any professional career in Ghana. Now due to the support of Computer Aid, every child at New Life will be able to participate in ICT class. The computers will also be outfitted with educational software for each class so after school the children will be able to sharpen their knowledge of all the subjects of their curriculum. 

Sustainable Farm for Sankofa Mbofra Fie Children’s Home and School

Sankofa is our newest project site. Started in 2006 Sankofa is a primary school educating 250 students and orphanage housing 10 children. Sankofa is still in need of the bare necessities. The school is run out of bamboo classrooms which become frequently inoperable during the rainy season. Teachers are paid $2o a month, not enough to sustain a person even in Ghana, and often strike because paying even that each month is a struggle and often doesn’t happen.  The director often relies on help from local villagers to feed the children of the orphanage.  Because Sankofa has trouble paying for even the basic necessities, with the direction of the director, we set up a completely sustainable, large-scale farm to help feed the children and pay for the operating costs of the school. The farm is complete with a wide variety of vegetables, corn, and cassava, and an assortment of animals including pigs, cows, goats, sheep, and rabbits. This is possibly our most worthy project yet because it is our first step in ensuring that Sankofa is able to completely sustain itself  without the need of outside donors.