Current Projects

Reach for the Stars

High School is sadly unattainable for the majority of Ghanaians. We are working with several other volunteers on the Reach for the Stars project to raise money for five children from New Life International Children's Home to go to high school.

Technology Store

Computers and other accessories are some of the most high value investments in Ghana. We are working to set up a store to sell refurbished laptops and other computer equipment of which the proceeds will go to Sankofa. Along with monetary donations we happily accept used technological equipment. 

Farm Equipment Rental

Most Ghanaians can't afford basic farm equipment like corn grinders to make banku or oil presses to make palm oil. They are forced to travel long distances with there goods to the large cities to do this. If Sankofa is able to invest in this equipment they will not be forced to travel to process the produce from their newly developed farm and the farmers from the surrounding villages will be able to rent the equipment. The proceeds will go to support the school. 


Sankofa has been very successful in the past on finding new volunteers and donors within Cape Coast and Elmina, the two closest cities, by distributing brochures. They are very expensive to make in Ghana so we are raising money to make them here.